Landlord Protection Program

We take care of the day-to-day operations of being a landlord. We created the Landlord Protection Program as a hybrid program. Allowing investors to be as involved as much or as little as they want. LPP Members pay an initial fee to join and a monthly fee to keep them in the program. No cancellation charges, only a 30 day notice by email if you wish to cancel.

Benefits Of Being A Landlord
  • A great way to start investing in real estate
  • Real estate is a great way to earn passive income (if you use a property management company)
  • ⅓ of Canadians currently rent, which means there is a demand for housing and no shortage of people looking for a home to rent
  • Rental properties earn cash flow and appreciate with time
  • Other than savings, mutual funds, or RRSPs, this is another way for you to invest your money
Benefits Of Our Landlord Protection Program
  • More affordable than traditional property management companies
  • Rent is collected and disbursed to the landlords via a CIBC trust account
  • Full transparency of funds is available to the landlords through a mobile app
  • Associated with Stonegate Legal Services
  • Rental payments reported to Equifax, creating tenant accountability and credit building capabilities
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We will help our clients by focusing on supporting the rights of our landlords.

If you have tenant issues, questions can be emailed directly to Stonegate Legal Services and a response will be sent within 36 hours. 

A phone call can also be arranged if email doesn’t suffice.  If their services are required our landlords will receive a 20% discount.


Our System is powered by PayProp which will keep track of rent collected and or outstanding rents. Once rent is collected, it will automatically be paid out to the investor. 

Accurate billing and bank integration with full transparency

Monthly and yearly statements will be sent to the landlord

            Annual property statements for tax returns

Tracked by

Landlords and Property Managers can screen potential tenants

Rent payment history is reported to Equifax and Landlord Credit Bureau

On-time rent payments offers incentives for tenants to improve their credit reports

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