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Some like to be hands-on and others hands-off, some like this and some like that. Hence the reason for the Landlord Protection Program. Our Hybrid System allows for as much or as little involvement by the Investors if that is what you wish.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Can a landlord evict a tenant in the winter?

The Law Allows Eviction During the Winter But the Landlord & Tenant Board May Still Decide Against Eviction In the Winter.

The belief that a residential tenant cannot be evicted during the winter is false.

There is nothing within the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA), 2006, that prevents a wintertime eviction; however, the RTA does contain section 83 which provides an adjudicator at a hearing of the Landlord & Tenant Board to make discretionary decisions that may involve delaying an eviction and the reasoning for doing so may be because it is winter.

Accordingly, the adjudicator may choose to refrain from issuing an Order to Evict during the winter months or may choose to issue an Order to Evict with a delayed eviction date.

It seems that whereas an adjudicator may refrain from issuing an Order to Evict because it is wintertime, the urban myth was born that a tenant cannot be evicted during the wintertime. 

Of course, this is FALSE!

What can a Landlord do if Rent is late?

A Tenant has until midnight, the day rent is due, to pay rent. If they have not paid by the next day, the Landlord may serve an N4 form to the tenant requesting to terminate the tenancy due to non-payment of rent. They will then have 14 days to pay rent or vacate the property.

Our Landlord Protection Program is connected with Equifax, allowing us to report rent payments to the tenant's credit score. We can report non-payment of rent after 15 days. This feature has a double benefit, as tenants with bad credit but who always pay on time can improve their credit score, and bad tenants will have their credit score affected negatively for non-payment of rent.

Who is responsible for any repairs needed to the property?

Ultimately the Landlord is responsible for repairs to the property, provided the damage was not caused by the tenant. We tell our Landlord clients to fix things as needed. Constant maintenance of wear and tear items will be more effective in the long run. When something requires repair and it is not maintained, this can have a ripple effect and be a large cost in your pocket.

Our property management company has a large network of trade professionals to help with any repairs/renovations required for your property.

How often can a landlord increase rent??

In the province of Ontario, a residential landlord can change the rent with each NEW tenancy agreement. For existing tenants on a month-to-month lease, the landlord must wait 12 months between increases, and must give the tenant written notice 90 days before the rent increase is to take place.

Can a landlord ask a person applying for a rental unit to provide information about their income, credit references and rental history?

These are definitely questions a landlord should ask any potential tenant. As long as the questions aren't discriminatory in nature, it's better to ask as many questions as needed.

We want our landlords to find success in their investment and finding great tenants is part of the process. A background check, credit check and rental history is a great way for us to start our search.

Do landlords and tenants have to have a written lease or tenancy agreement?

Any tenancy agreements signed on or after April 30, 2018 must be on the government's standard lease form, in this case the Standard Ontario Lease Agreement.

It is always a good idea for both landlords and tenants to have an agreement written down so that there is no confusion on what the law says must be in the agreement, as well as any other items discussed and agreed upon between the two parties.

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